Prescription Charges

What is the standard NHS prescription cost?

The standard prescription cost in England is currently £9.15 per item. That means that if you take in a prescription that lists several types of medication, you will pay £9.15 for each one.

Who is entitled to free prescriptions on the NHS?

If you are concerned about the cost of prescription items, it may be worth talking to your GP or your local pharmacy team about whether or not you qualify for free NHS prescriptions.

In England, there are several categories of people who are eligible to receive free NHS prescriptions. These categories include:

  • Anyone aged under 16 or over 60
  • Anyone aged 16-18 in full-time education
  • Pregnant women or new mothers who have given birth in the past 12 months with a valid maternity exemption certificate
  • Anyone who has a valid medical exemption certificate as a result of specific disease or disability (you can consult the full list of conditions that make you eligible)
  • Certain people on a low income or receiving benefits
  • People receiving specific pensions

Is it possible to save money on NHS prescriptions?

Yes, it is. If you are someone who picks up NHS prescription medication regularly from the pharmacy, then you may benefit from applying for a NHS prescription prepayment certificate (PPC).

A PPC is a card that you pay for and display whenever you visit the pharmacy to pick up NHS prescription medication. Two types are available:

  • A three-month certificate, priced at £29.95
  • A 12-month certificate, priced at £105.90

Applying for a Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC)

It’s very easy to apply for an NHS prepayment certificate. You do not require permission from your doctor; all you need to do is fill in some personal details, decide when you would like your certificate to start and end, and provide payment.

You can choose to have your certificate become valid up to one month from the date you apply. You can also backdate your certificate by up to one month. This means that you will be able to claim back money from prescriptions you have paid for in the past month, provided that you have FP57 refund forms for the relevant items.

The easiest way to get your NHS prepayment certificate is to apply online, click here to find out more.

By post
You can also apply for your certificate through the post. Pick up FORM FP95 in a pharmacy or doctor’s surgery. You should fill out the form and send it to:

NHS Business Services Authority
152 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

You can pay by cheque or postal order, or set up a Direct Debit if you are applying for the 12-month certificate.

On the phone
To apply for your certificate over the phone, call this number: 0300 330 1341. You’ll need a bank card to hand to arrange payment.

In a Pharmacy

If you would rather apply for your certificate in person, you can go into a participating pharmacy with the FP95 application form. If you choose to do this you will have to pay at the till, and will not be able to opt for the 12-month Direct Debit.

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