Care Quality Commission

Care Quality Commission Inspection 2016

The practice underwent a full inspection by the Care Quality Commission on the 7th June 2016

Two Inspectors attended for the day and looked at all aspects of the practice. The practice and the patient group are very happy to have been awarded a GOOD rating by the Care Quality Commission after their inspection.

One area within safety was identified as requiring improvement. The practice has worked on the areas that were identified and made immediate changes to address the areas that the Care Quality Commission found requiring attention.

  • We have implemented a log sheet for prescription serial numbers.
  • We have acted on the results of a search that identified patients on particular medications that had not had a blood test, we have already made good progress on this, however patients that do not attend or comply with requests to have blood tests or reviews remains a problem for us.
  • We have implemented a more robust system of notifying clinicians when safety alerts arrive at the practice, not only are these filed to a central place for all to access as they were before the inspection, they are now printed off and discussed at monthly staff meetings.

We have reported back to the Care Quality Commission the changes that we have implemented.

2016 Report